Taranaki Farm innovates the edge of farming & community renewal.
Producing trustworthy food, reconnect people to the farm and inspiring young farmers. We have a commitment to restoring local community health, respect and trust between farm, environment and town.

Taranaki Farm offers a more
connected experience of life.
We’re returning people to the farming landscape either as new farmers, or farm patrons; nourished by food they trust. Our patrons are not consumers. They are also more than respected customers, because they are aware of the connection between their own health and the health of the farm that nourishes them. Awareness involves you; it deepens your connection to the farm and to the land.

To heal the farm we must heal our community.
Practicing the art of farm husbandry is noble when the goal is to restore balance and health to the farm, but to achieve this, locals must support production. In short, to create the healthiest, most productive farm imaginable, it must be connected to a healthy local community. The two are connected intrinsically and the suffering of one leads to the suffering of the other.

We’ve combed the globe, implementing and expanding best practices.
Ergo, Taranaki Farm is truly unique in the world of agriculture for its synthesis of method in regenerative & ethical omnivore production. And we’re also expanding the global network of young inspired farmers, with great passion for undoing the mistakes of the chemical era. It’s a bright future leveraging the power of virtual connectedness, enabling the return of local connectedness.